Remote placement agency

After a decade of direct experience in the outsourcing industry, we’ve transformed the standard practices and developed “Remote Placement”, a whole new recruitment model.

Our model helps you recruit direct, full-time, qualified remote employees who work directly under your management, by your processes, communicating with you in real time, during your office hours, just like all your local employees.

Our global recruiters are fully qualified IT Specialists with years of valuable experience. Our team interviews and filters all potential candidates, based on your core skills and experience requirements, to insure that you are completely satisfied with our selection of candidate resumes and evaluations, before conducting your own in-depth interviews.

From there on, you are on your way to employing a qualified, remote IT specialist with whom you can successfully build a loyal, long-term relationship.

And all this, at a fraction of local recruitment wages and other costs associated with local employment, like recruitment fees, office space, insurance, benefits and severance packages, and so on, adding up to substantial savings for your company`s bottom line and competitive market advantage.